Promote Your Iphone Game Here!!!

The PaulsonApps Blog is Opening up its pages to promote YOUR Iphone Games. All you need to do is send us an Email with whatever information you want to use to promote your game.

Suggested Information to Send Us:
– A Great Title
– A intriguing game Description
A URL to ONLY ONE ScreenShot (Pick a good One).
– YouTube URL to a Game Play Video (Only One).
– A Link to your WebSite or a game specific WebSite.


Lets Help each other out and support indie Iphone Game Developers!

Email your game info to:

paulsongames (at) gmail (dott) com

6 Responses to Promote Your Iphone Game Here!!!

  1. Nick Vellios says:

    Awesome opportunity! Thanks for being so generous! I will be sending you an email for sure. Hope you accept my new game. 🙂

    Nick Vellios
    iPhone Development Resource

  2. Wow. Awesome. Thanks for doing this.

    I’m finishing the teaser and website now and soon as I have the game ready I’ll send you the info.
    Just finishing some cocos2d issues on the game. 🙂

    Thanks a lot.


    My name is Sarah,
    I’m one of the developers of Go Usagi!
    A brand new puzzle game for iPhone.
    In Go Usagi! you need to guide the rabbits towards the exit using placement tiles (which you are given in a restricted number), Go Usagi is available on full version (36 unique levels on 4 different stages) for £1.19 and a lite version (with only 9 levels) that is free. Go Usagi! has a star rating system (based on the numbers of directional tiles used to complete the level) and amazing graphics.
    You can find both versions here:
    Full ->
    Lite ->
    I would be delighted to provide Promotional Codes for review/contest if you are interested.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    (i suggest using an iPad to enjoy the game most, it makes the HD look amazing )

    Warmest regards

    and thankyou so very much x

  4. Great opportunity! I’ll definitely email you. I was looking for this kind of sites where I can let people know about my games. Thank you!
    Watch out Eggy a new iPhone games is coming soon on iPhoneby BuzzBangla

  5. BuzzBangla says:

    Thank you. It is so kind of you. I will take this opportunity. should I promote only iPhone games?

  6. Hello developers,

    We just release a site where developers can reviews each others app for free.

    It is a great way to get several honest review about your app and help get it better and get a better position on appstore ranking.


    Best regards,

    Adriana Silva

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