Learn a New Language – Python

I have created a new online video course for Learning Python Programming.

It is a very easy language to learn and is extremely powerful and useful. Python is one of Google primary languages and has many applications including apps, web development, or simple scripting.

Feel free to check it out if you are interested in Learning a new Language, you will be surprised on how much you will like it…It is my favourite language of them all.

Here is a link to the course:



Pics of Controls Change in V1.1

Here is the change to control size within PlanetOne.

Old Controls

New Controls

This change allows more of the screen to be visible during gameplay. Just goes to show how important player comments are. They give you great things to tweak in your apps.

Version 1.1 is available as update to PlanetOne.

Version 1.1 is available as update to PlanetOne.

I made a few changes to some wording as suggested, and I resized the controls a little.

I changed the training level instructions to be an alert so the player can read instructions at their own pace.

Also OpenFeint has been updated to 2.4.8

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Does Anyone know Translators?

I am looking for people who can translate English to French and German. It is for about 250 words.

Leave a comment if you are able to do this type of work. thank you


PlanetOne is now available to purchase on the App Store.

ONLY  $0.99.

Support this Blog by downloading PlanetOne today. Let me know what you think!

Download Link:

Click Here to Download Full Version

Click here to Download Demo Version

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App Store Comment and My Next Game

Well I am still in review for PlanetOne. I am usually very patient and during the first week while my application was “Waiting for Review” I was all good. But then it changed Yesterday to “In Review” and now I am getting anxious.

So Apple emailed me tonight and told me I had to revise my Keywords as they do not meet their requirements. I use a key word “Mario Style” and they said that Mario is a trademark that I do not own. This could very well be and I had no problem removing it, but there are many apps with the name Mario and trademarking a persons name seems funny, but that is what Apple wanted so that is what I did.

Anyways, the application is back in their hands and waiting to continue the review process. It was a week on monday so 8 days and I am thinking probably tomorrow they should be done.

I do hope everything else it fine with them, we will see.

I also started thinking of my next game. It will be completely different from PlanetOne, as I want to try different game types.

I will try and keep detailed notes on what and how I am building this next game. Working Title “PingBall”

Planet One screen Shots – In App Store!

App Icon

Here are the screen Shots

Day 53 – “Planet One” Game Update

It is day 53 today and I wanted to give my weekly update on the progress of my first iphone application, a game called “Planet One”. It is getting very exciting as the game is very close to be finished. I have been working on a lot of game data for the player such as fastest time to complete a level, which levels the player has found the hidden gem, that sort of stuff. I feel it is very important to have some initiatives within your game to make the player want to keep player.

Another thing I have been working on the last week is my graphics. I have created many of the final graphics for backgrounds as well as cleaned up most of the tile images. (Still a few more to do) I have also added some more player sprite frames to represent if he has a particular power or not. All of these image ‘upgrades’ are very exciting as they are visual and really give you the feeling that you are almost done.

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Day 38 – Iphone Game Update – “Planet One”

Hi all. Well it has been another week so I thought I would give a quick update on the game so far. I have been busy and completed 11 more levels within the last 5 days.

I have 10 more levels to do, for a total of 22 levels. Below you will find a short video showing some of the different level styles.

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Day 30 – First test on Ipod device

Well I showed you a video of where the  game was at on day 29 and now I have put the game on my ipod device for its first testing.


** Test your app on a device early and often!!!

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