Does Anyone know Translators?

I am looking for people who can translate English to French and German. It is for about 250 words.

Leave a comment if you are able to do this type of work. thank you

5 Responses to Does Anyone know Translators?

  1. Chris G says:


    I can translate to italian/french/german/spanish translations.
    Email me if you are instested and I’ll send you a quote.


    • PaulsonApps says:

      Do you have any experience with forums in those languages?

      • Dev says:


        I can translate your text in French, cause I saw the french description of the app on the appstore and it really sucks…

        So, if you’re still searching a french translator, tell me by email 😉


  2. Me64x says:

    I can translate to german and thanks for the guides they have helped much by understanding cocos2d a little bit

    and i have some questions to cocos2d some problems i have or some thinks i cannot understand can you help me with them?

    the forum of cocos2d isnt much helpful 😦

  3. Rafa says:

    Hey mate thx for your tutorials. If u want an spanish translation free contact me and send me the words.

    thx again for your teaching through the tutorials.

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