Tutorial – Tiled mapEditor Part 1- Create a TMXTiledMap Game

Well I had a request from a YouTube subscriber for a Tutorial Series on using Tiled to create a tiledmap game with Cocs2D. I have made the first Part of this Tiled mapEditor tutorial series.

The videos are split into 3 videos since YouTube restricts to 10min. So I appologize for that, if it is annoying.

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Tutorial – Game Structure – Basic

Well I am very grateful for all of the comments being left on my blog and one of the frequent requests has been for game structure. I will make my disclaimer once again, I am in no way an expert at programming for the Iphone (or anything for that matter), BUT I will try to explain how I managed to do it in my Game “Planet One”.

This tutorial is going to be fairly vague as each games runs a little different and I want to give just some basic information so you can adapt the CONCEPT for the code your are writing.

I will start off by explaining how my game is structured then go into how I accomplished it.

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Tutorial 2 – Parallax Backgrounds & Enemies (Cocos2d Game)

This tutorial is the next in line as it walks you through the creation of a small Cocos2d game using a scrollable TileMap. This is the next long video about 100 min but includes a ton of great items such as creating the parallax background and adding enemies based on tilemap locations.

I strongly recommend watching the tutorial 1 before watching this tutorial.

The source code can be downloaded from the link below.

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Tutorial 1 – TileMap with Collision Game (Cocos2d)

This tutorial walks you through the creation of a small Cocos2d game using a scrollable TileMap. It is a little long about 90 min I think but includes creating the tilemap with Tiled and then creating the Cocos2d project from scratch.

The source code can be downloaded from the link below.

The game is created using only one class so it is not an example of how to layout the game structure but instead just illustrate how I used the tilemap in a sample game.

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Iphone Cocos2d Game Day 5 – Adding an Attack for the Player

It’s now Day 5 of my Iphone game development experience. On day 4 I decided I would get rid of Box2d  from my game. It was getting a little too complex for a beginner like myself. So I spent most of the time since the last video re-writing my code without Box2d. Once I did that I added a new feature for an Attack motion the player will use to kill enemies.

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Iphone Cocos2d Day 3 – Implementing Box2d into game

So I started off on day three wanting to add a button to make the player jump but was not liking the results of my many attamps. So I took a step back and thought of my future game theme. I want to create a game based on a player being on mars (Concur Mars)….so I decided the player would have a jet pack and float up instead of jumping.

To do this I already had the best tool….Box2d…I had already decided to work with box2d but had not implemented it yet. After all its only day 3 of programming. So I decided to spend the day figuring out some of the basics.

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Iphone Cocos2d Day 2 – Scrolling TileMap & JoyPad

Well its the second day programming for the Iphone using Cocos2d and I am very pleased with what I have gotten done so far. Even though there are not a ton of tutorials for Cocos2d I have been getting lucky with some great information to get me going.

Today I spent the first bit working on a scrollable tilemap background. This is a very important part of any side “scroller” game so I wanted to get a jump on it early. Cocos2d makes it very easy!!!!

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