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Tilt Tank – $0.99

Tilt Tank Lite is a tank action game that uses the accelerometer and touch gestures for control.

If you slightly like retro games and graphics like 8 bit atari days then this is the game for you.

You are a tank commander and evil forces have invaded your homeland. Work your way through the various terrains destroy the enemy gun turrets that threaten the land.

Be careful though the enemy have also deployed roving tanks looking for you.

There are power ups scattered throughout the level and will be needed in order to complete the game.

On each level you must destroy all of the enemies gun turrets in order for your commander to identify the extraction point. Once at the extraction point you will be moved to the next level.

Tilt your device in order to move your tank in the chosen direction to hunt and destroy enemy targets but you will need to dodge their bullets.

Tap the screen to shoot in the desired direction, tap as many times as you would like to shoot.

This game is linked to Gamecenter and carries its own leaderboard feature.

The enemies will spawn in different places on each map, each time you play so no two games will ever be the same.

Be warned however it is addictive and you always want to beat your highscore.

Prepare your tank for 14 testing levels of non stop action!!


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