Been gone a while :(

Sorry for not being around for a while now and thank you for all the great comments that have been left on the site.

My real job took over and I was busy for the last year. I did launch my game last year and it did well, but with the changes to the IPhone/IPad I have not had time to update the game to meet requirements. So I took the game off the store.

Keeping in mind It was my first programme with Objective-C, I am willing to publish my code for the game….it is outdated and would require a major re-work. (Also probably not the cleanest code)

Let me know if the code would help people!

I am almost done a major project and Start-Up company which will launch soon and will benefit all you fellow app developers I will keep you informed with the progress of this exciting new project.

Thank you for your comments and support…keep tuning in!!!

Jason Andrew Elbourne