Tutorial – Creating a LITE Version for your Game

I believe that every time you create a paid app, you should also create a LITE Version which is FREE to download. These reason being, Most people want to see what the app/game is all about before spending any money (even if it is only $0.99). They want to see how game play is, what the graphics are like, if they enjoy the type of game, and many other things they can not get out of a description and some screenshots.

The good news is that you can create your LITE Version very very easily. In fact the initial changes to your existing project will only take a few minutes.

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Tutorial – Game Structure – Basic

Well I am very grateful for all of the comments being left on my blog and one of the frequent requests has been for game structure. I will make my disclaimer once again, I am in no way an expert at programming for the Iphone (or anything for that matter), BUT I will try to explain how I managed to do it in my Game “Planet One”.

This tutorial is going to be fairly vague as each games runs a little different and I want to give just some basic information so you can adapt the CONCEPT for the code your are writing.

I will start off by explaining how my game is structured then go into how I accomplished it.

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PlanetOne is now available to purchase on the App Store.

ONLY  $0.99.

Support this Blog by downloading PlanetOne today. Let me know what you think!

Download Link:

Click Here to Download Full Version

Click here to Download Demo Version

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Tutorial – Implement OpenFeint into Cocos2d Game

In this next tutorial we will implement OpenFeint into my new Cocos2d Game. If there is one thing you take from this blog, (besides the link to buy  PlanetOne) it is this implementation. OpenFeint is amazing.

So what is OpenFeint? OpenFeint is a service that enables your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad application the ability to provide online score tracking.  The service is free and can easily be incorporated into your applications. Think XBOX Live meets Facebook for the iPhone with hundreds of games and millions of players.

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Tutorial – Tweaking XCode Build Settings

Well it has been a while but I am going to start a new game with Cocos2d 0.99.3 and want to put together some tutorials on things I did not have time for last game.

I will start of by simple setting up the cocos2d templates within XCode and creating a new Project. We will then look at tweaking the build settings.

The video is about 30min. long enjoy. The next Tutorial is going to be on implementing OpenFeint into this new Cocos2D Project. Stay tuned for that.

Here is the Video:

Planet One screen Shots – In App Store!

App Icon

Here are the screen Shots

Cocos2d and Blink after Default.png

Well I finally solved a problem that has been haunting me for some time now. (At least solved it for now). The problem was a bad transition from the default.png to my first scene. And before this sounds like a million other posts on the subject let me say I tried every suggestion out there and nothing worked!! So this is how I did it.

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Day 53 – “Planet One” Game Update

It is day 53 today and I wanted to give my weekly update on the progress of my first iphone application, a game called “Planet One”. It is getting very exciting as the game is very close to be finished. I have been working on a lot of game data for the player such as fastest time to complete a level, which levels the player has found the hidden gem, that sort of stuff. I feel it is very important to have some initiatives within your game to make the player want to keep player.

Another thing I have been working on the last week is my graphics. I have created many of the final graphics for backgrounds as well as cleaned up most of the tile images. (Still a few more to do) I have also added some more player sprite frames to represent if he has a particular power or not. All of these image ‘upgrades’ are very exciting as they are visual and really give you the feeling that you are almost done.

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Tutorial 3 – Saving Game State (Iphone Game Tutorial Cocos2d)

Well its day 44 of my Iphone game developing and I decided to do a third tutorial. This tutorial describes how I save the game state to the device which is an extremely important feature to include with your game (or any application for that matter).

This is actually very easy to do using NSCoder and I will describe what I have done in this 20 min video located below. Also in the video is a quick preview of what my game “Planet One” is looking like at day 44.

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Day 38 – Iphone Game Update – “Planet One”

Hi all. Well it has been another week so I thought I would give a quick update on the game so far. I have been busy and completed 11 more levels within the last 5 days.

I have 10 more levels to do, for a total of 22 levels. Below you will find a short video showing some of the different level styles.

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