Tutorial – Creating a LITE Version for your Game

I believe that every time you create a paid app, you should also create a LITE Version which is FREE to download. These reason being, Most people want to see what the app/game is all about before spending any money (even if it is only $0.99). They want to see how game play is, what the graphics are like, if they enjoy the type of game, and many other things they can not get out of a description and some screenshots.

The good news is that you can create your LITE Version very very easily. In fact the initial changes to your existing project will only take a few minutes.

So lets get started. A lot of people new to iphone development think that a LITE Version is another project entirely. But if this was the case, it would be a pain in the butt when changing or updating your game. You would now have to do twice as much work. So now that we know that is NOT how you do it, what is the right way?  It is easy, USE TARGETS. Just duplicate your existing games target and rename it to reflect you Lite version.

Now there are a few other things that must be done, so I have created this 12min. Video to walk you through the process.

Here is the Tutorial Video for Creating a LITE Version of your game:

5 Responses to Tutorial – Creating a LITE Version for your Game

  1. Clive says:

    I created an app called Angry Wife on the app store and tried to create a lite version, when submitted to Apple it was rejected as it had the following issue from Apple:

    We’ve completed the review your app but cannot post this version to the App Store because it provides a reduced feature set and it up-sells to a separate, more feature-rich version. This behavior is not in compliance with the App Review Guidelines :

    2.9 Apps that are “beta”, “demo”, “trial”, or “test” versions will be rejected

    How come there are so many in the app store if this is the case?!

  2. Clive says:

    The problem is that Apple will not accept apps which sole purpose is to promote another app! I cannot create a lite version of any app without them rejecting it!

  3. zoran says:

    cant wait to try this one out.

    @Clive, whoa damn… weird dude.

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