[Reader Game] SpaceBubble

Reader’s Game

SpaceBubble – $0.99

SpaceBubble takes place in you guessed it, outer space. You control the spaceship by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch back and forth as you avoid Space Bubble bad guys and collect the diamonds of various point values.
You begin with 5 lives and obtain a new life every 10,000 points you get. Diamonds are worth 250, 350, or 500 points and for every bad guy you avoid you also get 5 points.

A great game for all ages. Simple enough for kids, but too addicting for any adult to stop playing!

SpaceBubble is an open source game. Check out the SpaceBubble site for details. http://www.Vellios.com/iphone/spacebubble.html

Nick Vellios Web Site

SpaceBubble Support

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2 Responses to [Reader Game] SpaceBubble

  1. Nick Vellios says:

    Game is now only $0.99!

    Nick Vellios
    iPhone Development Resource

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