Planet One screen Shots – In App Store!

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Here are the screen Shots

9 Responses to Planet One screen Shots – In App Store!

  1. bamhm182 says:

    Looks awesome, definitely going to get it. I would assume that it should be out before June if beta testing and fixing doesn’t take too long. Apple has really been on the ball recently about the length of time it takes to approve apps and updates.

  2. Apple1 says:

    Nice Job! I really like that art work did you design it yourself?

    Is there any chance you’ll be doing a tutorial showing us how to set up game structure in our code? Its a concept I really seem to be struggling with.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Stephen says:


    I have been following your blog and your game has really come on from the first tutorial. I too would like to see a tutorial on how you structure your code. Also are you planning on releasing the source code?


  4. maiko says:

    Hi Jon! I hope your day is going well!

    I really can’t wait for your game. You’ve put in so much hard work, and it really looks fun!

    I have a question. When using a d-pad, joypad, to control a character, how do you call different animations for the sprite depending on the direction it is moving? Like, if my joypad is down, how should I call for my walkDown animation in Cocos2d depending on the direction my character is walking?

    Thank you so much!

    • paulsondev says:

      @maiko – Thank you for your comment….the game is being reviewed by apple right now so I am waiting to see if it is good or needs fixes. Should be a day or two now.

      As for your question….what I did was make bool vars for each action my player may do, eg. move left, move right, jump and so on. When the d-pad is pressed i turn the bool to TRUE for that action. THEN I scheduled a call to an animation method within my player class. This animation checks what bool is TRUE and switches the “y” co-ordinate on my sprite sheet. This means you have to lay out your player sprite sheet in an organized way so your animation frames are all on a row, then each different animation frame set move down to different rows.

      If your character is 64px high, then you increment the “y” in your method (0,64,128,192…and so on)

      Another tip would be to try and make all your animation the same number of frames.

      I hope this helps.


  5. Craig says:

    Hey Jason, your game is looking excellent. I noticed your player moves diagonally in your levels. Did you end up using Box2d, Chipmunk, or some other kind of magic? Thanks

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