Day 38 – Iphone Game Update – “Planet One”

Hi all. Well it has been another week so I thought I would give a quick update on the game so far. I have been busy and completed 11 more levels within the last 5 days.

I have 10 more levels to do, for a total of 22 levels. Below you will find a short video showing some of the different level styles.

After I complete the last 10 levels, which should be done in the next 5 days, I have a list of things to work on.

– Re-Do map level select screen

– Re-do menu and add image

– Complete all the bosses.

– Work out some of the little bugs in animation.

– Add some bonus features to increase scores.

– And write code for saving to phone.

Once I have the levels done and start working on some of the rest of my list I am going to try and create some more tutorials. So look for those.

My current goal for completion is May which would mean that the game took 6 weeks. So in my opinion really good for my first programming project. But time will tell.

Here is the Game Preview Video – “Planet One”

4 Responses to Day 38 – Iphone Game Update – “Planet One”

  1. zim22 says:

    I really love your game: level design, gameplay, “characters” 🙂 Where can I get source code?
    I have no experience in game programming so far and reading your code would help me understand how “things done”.

    • paulsondev says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      I am not going to be making the source available for the game at this time but will be making more tutorials in the future.

      After the game is in the app store I may have my source available for purchase. You can usually find more basic game source code available for free by searching the net.

      • zim22 says:

        I would be grateful, if you post tutorial about detecting “ground” and jumping on “platforms”.

  2. Maiko says:

    this looks wonderful! Keep up the great work! I hope that one day I build a full featured game like this! Thanks for all your hard work, it’s very inspirational.

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