Day 30 – First test on Ipod device

Well I showed you a video of where the  game was at on day 29 and now I have put the game on my ipod device for its first testing.


** Test your app on a device early and often!!!

I have read this plenty but did not get a chance to run on a device until now.

The main problem I ran into was the artifacts from the tilemap. I ran around the net all afternoon trying to solve the problem but all the hacks did not work. I even re-drew my tiles for spacing and margins but nothing worked.

To solve the problem I finally realized today I would change the way I move the camera from “float” to “int” and it solved the problem. Next issue was the background tilemap. it was still blinking and streaking, so to fix this I made the background fixed and not scrolling. The problem is the decimal required to have the background scroll at a different speed. You  need to move the map at whole number increments. This solutions means my background does not scroll but it still looks good to me so I think I am going to leave it.

The next thing I found was my sprite sheet was having a similar problem (for my player and objects) There would be little black lines every so often at the edge of the sprite frame. To solve this I need to have a space between the sprites on the sprite sheet. Solved the problem.

My last item I noticed I needed to fix was my map menu for selecting a level. The “dots” I used are too small so I am going to rethink the map.

As you can see testing on the actual device is very important. And I have been building the app to the device ever since. Rarely using the simulator.

Hope this convinces you to test your game on a device and I hope this posts helps you out.

2 Responses to Day 30 – First test on Ipod device

  1. Hector says:

    Hey Paul, great stuff so far, I’ve enjoyed watching the tutorials, I’m starting developing myself and I just find the documentation very scarce, the game looks sweet, I’m glad you were able to fix those issues.

    Best regards,

    • paulsondev says:

      Thank you Hector. My name is Jay, paulson just the company name.

      It has been great working on the iphone and I am learning a lot every day. I have completed 5 levels and added a few new kinds of enemies. I am working on my first “BOSS” now which is going to be fun.

      Keep checking in to see updates. Thanks again

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