Day 29 – Game Preview

Well it has been a few weeks since I last posted something, BUT I have been busy creating my game. It has a working title of “Planet 1” and without getting into to much detail, the story is about an Alien Dude who has his planet taken over by a robot army. So he has to defeat them and get his planet back. You know the story…lol.

So after the first two weeks learning about Iphone dev. and Cocos2d / Box2d, I started working on my actual game. In technical terms this is day 15 of creating this game but for this journal I will keep it honest and say day 29 since the day I bought the mac.

I have completed the game engine which allows me to simple create different levels (tilemaps), upload into resources and presto…a new level. This means I just need to spend a week creating the level tilemaps, about 25 of them is my goal, and my game will be a respectable size. This was a goal of mine since I can re-use the game engine for future games and simple change out the graphics, makes life easier.

Below is the video preview of “Planet One” showing how far I am on it. The video shows off some nice features such as player power, time, collecting items and baddies. It also illustrates a nice level tilemap using only a few different tiles, which is great for keeping the size of your app down. Fewer images the better.

Planet One Preview Video

Once again if you have any questions or wish for a tutorial to be made please leave a comment below and I will try my best!

I learned how to create the Singleton Class mentioned in video from 71squared tutorial 7.

5 Responses to Day 29 – Game Preview

  1. jasjang says:

    Great serial post!!!
    I would follow you to develop my game!!
    Thank you

  2. Dan says:


    I was wondering if for PlanetOne, you say you used cocos2d + Box2d, did you also use tilemaps for the levels?

    And if so, how did you integrate Box2d collisions with objects such as platforms, walls, etc. from your tilemap?



    • paulsondev says:

      I used tiledmaps for the graphics and Box2D for all collision objects. To accomplish that for this game I used LevelSVG. In my next game I was messing with simply creating the box2d body based on a TileGID and it worked very well. I called a method which scans the tiles and if it finds a tileGID, say “1”, it would create the body in that location. Worked very well.

      But for PlanetOne I used LevelSVG and it was amazing for a beginner like myself.

      • Dan says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, i think i pretty much understand what your talking about.

        I’ve looked into LevelSVG but the price point is a bit high considering I’m just looking at fooling around with everything for now, and even in the end if I do develop at app I’d like to submit I’d like to keep costs at a minimum.

        Thanks for letting me know there are other methods though!

  3. paulsondev says:

    No Problem Dan. I understand where you are coming from with the money and this being a hobby. I think it really depends on the type of game you are creating. My next game is going to be a simple experiment where I will not use LevelSVG but instead just tiledmaps. I am going to try and document how I do things.

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