CallOut to Cocos2d + Box2d “Experts”

My goal for this blog is to put together a reference for new Iphone developers just starting out based on my learning curve starting from nothing to a full game. I know from my brief research that there is a bunch of info out there but it is hard to know how to put it all together.

I will be walking through my educational path and would love for the “experts” out there to let me know what I am doing wrong, what I could do better, and answer question/give advice whn I run into a wall. (Which will probably be on a daily basis).

I hope that if a reader can see my path, mistakes and success they will have a clear path to beginning their fun on the Iphone. With your expert advice and me making all the mistakes, this blog could be a very useful tool and hopefully, eventually be a great tutorial for using Cocos2d and Box2d for Iphone game development.

I hope to see many comments to help not only myself but also any reader out there.

Thank you in advance!!

One Response to CallOut to Cocos2d + Box2d “Experts”

  1. Sri Nivas says:

    hi, am having issue in UIImage pickerconotroller in cocos2d…… see this link…. ……….. can you guide me in this or help……. thanks in advance,……….

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